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101 Update #2 and Grandma Olson

Goals completed or progressed:

74. Clean out old cosmetics/products- completed 11-29-09 before moving

81. Read 10 new-to-me books off of the Modern Library Top 100 List (1/10)
            *The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway, completed 12-08-09

89. Visit Jordan in Chicago – completed 12-4 -09 thru 12-6-09

I’ve also got a care package ready to send out to a friend this afternoon (21), and have talked to my grampa on the phone a couple more times (16) since my last update.

Speaking of Grandpa, my Grandma Olson passed away last Thursday around 1:30pm. She had a really good day on Tuesday and visited all afternoon with my aunt Val and Grandpa. She was out of it and quiet on Wednesday, and fell into unconciousness on Thursday morning. I guess she pretty much fell asleep and her heart quit beating. She was 81 years old. She didn’t once complain about any pain from the tumor that pushed out her entire abdomen and was even starting to push out of her back under her rib cage.

The funeral was Tuesday morning, and there was a viewing on Monday night. I went to Chicago through Sunday afternoon, flew to MSP, then drove home for the night. Drove to Brookings on Monday, back to MSP on Tuesday afternoon through snow and rain, and finally landed safely in Dallas around 11:00- the flight was delayed over 2 hours due to snow and ice. YUCK.

Heading home this weekend to move all of the big furniture to the new house. I am excited but nervous. I hope we like it as much as we like our apartment!! Homeownership will hopefully include a lot of perks that outweigh the ‘costs’– lawncare, snow removal, updates and improvements, fixing problems, additional taxes…. ay carumba. Hopefully will be able to post pictures of the bedroom post-paint and decor soon!

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Update #1 on 101 + pictures of the house

I’m making some progress in the land of 101 things to accomplish! I’ve called my grandpa a few times, I bought a grilling plate and pie pan used instead of new, I’ve been gearing up to lose weight (though the traveling is really puttng a damper in things). But two big ones are about to be accomplished:

#13. Host a major holiday for the family
#53. Buy a house

We’re hosting Thanksgiving tomorrow for N’s parents and sister and my parents and brother, in our little apartment. And then on Monday… we close on our new house!!! Now, I’m not going to consider it done until it’s really done, but it is happening, that much is for sure. :)

Here are a few pictures of the place:

It’s a 3 bedroom, 1 bath Cape Cod style, built in 1926. There is a downstairs that is only partially finished, but we hope to finish the laundry/utility room and include a beer-brewing / canning area. The floors are all modern faux-wood laminate or new carpet. There is a built-on garage on the left side of the house that is falling apart; we plan to tear it down and build a bigger garage with the tax credit in the spring.

We are going to have a stainless-steel dishwasher installed next to the sink in December, and we also hope to upgrade to a gas stainless-steel oven and stovetop this winter. The cabinets with eventually be replaced, as these are the originals and are not in the best shape… we’re hoping for frosted-glass fronts and will likely use the existing brushed stainless hardware (very new).

The living room empty, and with their furniture in it. I want to buy a piano in the next year (probably an old, crappy upright!), and we also need a living room furniture set. For now, this room with probably be empty, with the exception of a big Christmas tree in front of the picture window!

 The dining room, as seen from the living room, empty and with their furnishings. Probably going to be set up very similarly to theirs, with a china cabinet on one side of the room and a bookcase on the other.

The one very small bathroom! I personally love the window in the shower. :-p Actually, there is a lot of storage space above the toilet and in cabinets above the bath/shower combo, and we like the colors and style. I’m happy getting ready in the bedroom in front of a vanity, so I don’t think we’ll be too badly off with only one small bathroom. :)

The walls of the basement family room are a mint green, which promptly getting painted over. The room is much larger than it seems from the picture- 12 feet wide by 30 feet long! Behind the photographer is a tiled area, where we would like to [eventually] build a bar. This room with be the home-theater / man cave, with N’s 42-inch HD flat screen on far wall (the tan couch in the picture). We’ll put his crappy plaid sofa and my thrift-store armchairs down there for now. Next to the family room is the utility room and laundry, with ample space for an old stove, fridge, and lots of storage shelves. We’d like to finish the floor and ceiling, add in a bathroom (there’s currently a stub for a toilet and shower), and use the workspace as a canning and beer-brewing room. Talk about living the dream! :)

 I’m not going to even post pictures of the bedrooms because 1) they’re not photogenic, 2) there’s nothing in them, and 3) they’re going to get painted and remodeled, so what’s the point? They currently have fugly wall color and curtains covering the closet doors. Ew.

The lot is quite large, and the backyard includes a wooden patio, fire pit, and large shed. The lot is fenced off, and there’s an additional fenced dog-kennel area. There’s lots of room for my garden, and stone planters in the front of the house for lots of flowers. I can’t wait to get a puppy and start planting this spring!

The finale- the hubs looking at something interesting :)

So, that’s the house! We’re so excited for our own place together: building equity, taking out a large amount of debt, a dozen home-improvement projects to be completed, and packing and moving all of our stuff in the dead of winter.  What else could two newlyweds ask for?!

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