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Welcome to western Wisconsin.

This isn’t my first blog, but I’m hoping this one might actually become an accurate snapshot of daily life. The others have been (excuse the Francais) half-ass, and not fun to go back and visit. Always room for improvement at least.

About me, I suppose:

  • I am a newly-wed. I’ve been married for 13 days to the strangest, funniest, most surprisingly-handsome character.
  • I’m also a new employee. I started on August 3rd, and I’m in a 3-year contract here in NW Wisconsin. I’m from South Dakota. You would think Wisconsin wouldn’t be that different, but you would be wrong.
  • I’m going to cook more. I’m also going to lose some weight. Figure that one out! (I still haven’t.)
  • I refuse to quit learning and expanding just because I am finished with college (for now). I will keep discovering new music, new passions, new bits of seemingly-useless information. I will keep studying and reading. I will keep seeking more.

I seriously love doing anything and everything with my hubby. I’m sure it’s newlywed-itis, but I want to cook with him and shower with him and ride to the gas station with him and… you get the point. We ride motorcycle when the weather permits, go fishing even when most sane people stay inside due to extreme temperatures, watch lots of tv series on DVD, make nerdy jokes, nag each other, and will do anything to make each other laugh.

I’m going to try to break up my posts by topic, but we’ll see how well that works. I also want to try my hand at food photography, but I am COMPLETELY new, so these first few posts are likely to be cringe-worthy.

Well, first post down. It can only get better from here. (I sure hope so, anyway!)

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