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Clean Eating: An intro

I will be posting more about clean eating, why I’m interested, the challenges it presents, and eventually, how it benefits me. I started on Monday of this week and am tracking everything that goes into my mouth on fitday.com. I may occasionally post my meals for the day, just to help track myself. I will also be updating my existing posts that are CE recipes with tags and categories, just for future reference.

I do not want to rely heavily on artificial sweeteners, no matter their origins. I will occasionally use them, but I will also keep using molasses, honey, and dark brown sugar to sweeten my food. I do need to cut out alot of the processed sugar that has been in my diet, and so far I’m doing well. However, I am not going to bake an apple pie completely with stevia or Sucanat. I’m going to try to challenge myself but be realistic at the same time.

More to come!!

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