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by the way, did you know that it’s fall?

At least from my kitchen window it is.

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Fun Facts Friday

1. My favorite beverage is beer. Sad, but true. There are just so many beers to choose from, so many that are hand-crafted lovingly by curious, smart beer lovers. I want to taste them all. I’m never unhappy with a beer in my near future.

2. We don’t have a microwave. When we moved to Wisconsin, our apartment had a microwave built in above the stove. We got rid of the micro I’d won at the Senior After-Prom Party. And when we moved into our house, we just put off buying a new one… and here we are, 9 months later, with no microwave.

3. I check Etsy at regular intervals throughout the day, just to see the Treasury set featured on the front page.  Whoever has the job of going through all the Treasuries and picking what to put on the front page- I want it.

4. I don’t like raw tomatoes, but I love cooked tomatos. Marinara, bruchetta, salsa, ketchup– bring it on.  And contrary to what most people say, it is not a “texture thing” for me- it’s a flavor thing. I don’t like the taste of uncooked ‘maters.

5. But my tomato plants are the most cherished in my garden. Because of the whole loving tomato sauces and stews thing. Plus they’re sooo easy to can and always taste better than any mass-produced tomato product.

My parents are coming this weekend, which means barbeque. Smoked pork butt from a friendly local farm with potatoes, corn on the cob, beans, and peach pie with homemade ice cream.  And, of course, beer. :)  Can’t wait!

Have a great weekend!

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Wordless Wednesday, one day late

lily and hydrangeas

Not food, but completely gorge… as in “gorgeous”… and grown outside my front door with very little assistance from me. I heart nature.

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introducing the newest family member

Meet Oscar! He’s a spunky, scrawny little orange and white tabby.

So shy! His mom was abandoned at the shelter about 3 weeks before he was born. He’s only 2 months old right now, but very social. (And cute.)

… but he’ll hardly stay still long enough for me to take a picture!


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a weekend in [photo] review

I hope everyone (all 7 of my readers!) had a great holiday weekend!  I am not a huge fan of fireworks, and we didn’t have big plans for get-togethers, but we still made the most of the long weekend.

I found a huge load of goodness at the Farmer’s Market (plus raspberries, snap peas, and red beets)

We went fishing near a bridge with wooden slats that sounded awfully rickety

We saw beautiful skies

We ate all local and homemade meals that were delicious… brats, a beer can chicken on Saturday, and puff-pastry pesto chicken (posted soon)

Plus we spent most of the 3 days working on our garage.  It’s sheeted and wrapped, and the roof is covered in tar paper and ready to be shingled! All-in-all, it was a great summer weekend.

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bear with me

Bear with me while I am away from posting. I’m not particularly consistent, but I’m working on it. Life goes in and out of overwhelmingly crazy and horribly slow. I have half a dozen drafts of posts waiting for me to finish, but work is demanding, the building project is demanding, and all I want to do is sleep.

So hang with me. There will be more soon. I promise.

For now, here is a lovely rustic loaf of sourdough that is begging for admiration.

Oooh. Ahhh. :)

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seven confessions

1. I like The Family Stone.  I really don’t like Rachel McAdams or Diane Keaton, but I like this movie. A lot. And I know a lot of people thought it was awful. Well, too bad…. I still like it.

2. I hate hate hate hotel placards that extoll their virtues of “conserving resources” and “protecting the environment.” Be honest- you really just want to save on your water bill, the cost of detergent, and the cost of employee time and energy by not having to wash every towel and every set of sheets everyday.

And yes, using linens and towels more than once certainly does benefit the environment. But what about the petroleum-based-plastic single-use cups and shampoo and conditioner bottles, the soap wrappers, the multiple garbage bags? What about the unused little bit of conditioner, lotion, soap, or shampoo left over? The crappy newspapers outside my door every morning- do those get recycled? Simply throwing all that stuff away is harmful for the environment and is completely wasteful. Why don’t they stop putting that stuff in every freakin room and explain to their guests that they’re simply helping the environment? [oh, wait- it wouldn’t save them money or be a good PR move. nevermind.]

3. Looking cute is not necessary. For my job, looking professional and dressing conservatively is, even if I wear a blazer that is 8 years old or my trousers aren’t tailored perfectly or I wear very few accessories. Sometimes I feel frumpy, but I would rather have 65-year-old bank presidents assume I’m closer to 30 than 21, that I’m more in tune with their balance sheet than with Cosmo.

4. I stereotype people who eat fast food as lazy. I don’t mean the people who have it occasionally, while traveling, or once a month as a “treat”. I mean the people who eat fast food for lunch or dinner more than two or three times a week, even though they go home every night and could easily bring lunch or make supper. (Frequent business/client meals or those who travel and don’t get to go home every night are excluded in my mind.)

5. I swear and drink too much, or at least more than my husband does [and I think he might judge me for it]. I wish he would just tell me instead of giving out subtle clues.

6. Sometimes on the road, I miss my cat more than my husband. Don’t get me wrong- I miss him too. But even when I’m home, he still gets home from work late, is tired and sweaty and smelly, and we usually have 1-2 hours together before bed. That’s it. My cat, on the other hand, follows me around in the morning and all evening, and even greets me at the door at the end of the work day. We chat, we cuddle, we nap. N and I still get to chat on the phone everynight that I’m out. We do cuddle, but he never naps with me.  Cat FTW.

7. I love my paychecks but hate the travel associated with my job. I’m not qualified to do anything I think I would like to, and I’m not even sure that I know what I want. That leaves me unsatisfied but scared to walk away. I don’t want to be mindlessly materialistic; I want to experience and feel fulfilled. I’m scared of more money; I’m scared of less money.

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good things

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life, long overdue

Eeek. I’ve been meaning to update, composing posts in my head while I’m driving or doing the dishes. There’s much that’s been going on, but yet, so much of spinning wheels and staying in place.

Spring is here, and summer is close behind. I’ve got lettuce, garlic, and potatoes in the ground. Broccoli and carrots are going in this evening, and corn, tomatoes, beans, and peas are going to wait at least another week. At least the unseasonably warm weather has gotten me in gear for eating lots of fresh veggies. I’ve been gorging on asparagus, broccoli, and spinach from the organic section and the winter farmer’s market.

asparagus in a butter and white wine reduction

Speaking of farmer’s market, Saturdays in May start in 2 days! I’m so excited to get down to Phoenix Park while it’s still chilly and browse the tender baby veggies that have been coaxed along by sunny days and cool nights. 

N & I tore down our garage, pulled out the backyard clothesline and invasive lilac bushes, and started tearing up the concrete garage pad and driveway. Our summer reno project is to get this all torn up and hauled away, pour new driveway and a 28×32 garage pad, and build a new garage. My back just hurts thinking about all of it…

I was in D.C. for training last week and am heading to the middle of nowhere for 3 weeks. I hope to focus on my running and reading. Gardening will have to become a weekend warrior task…

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Things I want

A few of my favorite things, brought to you courtesy of etsy…

A vintage  apron.

A floral pincushion.

Some antique spoons turned into garden markers.

A cute tote for my farmer’s market finds.

…plus another one for gardening tools.

Light, flowery pillowcases for warm summer nights.

A flower garden around my neck.

Hand-stitched memento with N + C and our wedding date.

By the by, our tulips are about ready to burst. I’ve got yellow and purple in the front for sure. Strawberries in the front yard, rhubarb in the back, and I’m happy as a lark. :)

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