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The joys of homeownership…

I had a few posts and recipes brainstormed and ready to go/try last week, but then the joys of homeownership showed up- in my basement- to haunt me. I walked downstairs late evening one night last week, and stepped into 1-1/2 inches of water. Lovely.  After the initial bailing and cleaning, the water kept coming in… and it was evident that leaving the house or sleeping for more than an hour at a time was not an option. It was soon discovered that the our main water line was leaking, and the only immediate option was to turn off the water to the house.  Doh.

And then I drove 10 hours west to see my wonderful father- and sister-in-law, and to feed the National Guard unit that N belongs to. Great to see so many friends and we had a lovely time.

But… I still have no water. Which means no showering, watering the garden, washing said garden produce, or doing dishes. And the plumber’s initial estimate is Saturday at the earliest, with next Monday the more likely option.

Until then, it’s things that I can eat straight out of the fridge or warm up and eat. No boiling, mixing, baking, frying, or broiling anytime soon.   So I’ll see you… when I see you.

For now, here is a lovely strawberry that was waiting for me when I returned from my whirlwind roadtrip:

Sometimes the smallest things can be huge sources of cheering-up.

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cute corners

My in-laws decided to visit us… with 5 days in advance, during a week I was 150 miles away. I love N’s parents, but of course, I want our house to be clean and tidy and look like a home. I don’t want them to bear witness to the layer of cat hair that accumulates on every carpet, the junk that gets piled in random corners, the stains on the carpet.

I had three places I wanted to decorate before they arrived, and I’m happy to report that even though I was traveling for work, I was able to make it work.

*I am not a photographer with a measly P&S (point and shoot). Don’t judge… I swear it’s all cuter in person!

The Hallway
We have a wider-than-normal hallway that attached our kitchen and living areas to the stairs. It generally is bare, but it used to be a gathering point for lots of stuff.



love these two little beauts.

On the way upstairs we pass some art…

The upstairs nook
Perfect storage place for dust, hangers, and the occasional hammer or book. Now, a focal point between the two bedrooms.

an antique-store globe; porcelain birds protect some favorite titles; more birds in front of a bridge.

The bare bedroom wall
I don’t like bare walls. I really wanted to put the letters above our bed, but the slanty ceilings in our upstairs make that difficult. The large bare  wall next to the bed was a perfect compromise.

ignore the shotgun- not part of the planned decor.

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2nd bedroom inspiration board

As much as I want to make this picture full-sized to share the glory of all the details, I realize that not everyone loves waiting for huge pictures to load. :)

This is what I currently want in our 2nd bedroom. Yes, there are pictures of baby things because eventually it will be used for baby — but not in the foreseeable future. I am not pregnant, nor planning to become pregnant.

That being said, it really is adorable, isn’t it?! I love the dreamy yellow, and with white it is so bright and light and cheery. Gray has always been one of my favorite colors, and even though it’s been popular recently, I still really like the yellow-n-gray combo. Too cliche? Not for me.

Note: I will probably change my mind and do a handful of these boards. I love coming up with a design picture in my head and trying to find the right pictures to make it come to life on a design board. I’m no designer, but this is actually fun and relaxing to me.

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House & 101 things update #2

#38. Make tiramisu from scratch
I made tiramisu on, of all days, my birthday. This is my absolute favorite dessert in the whole world and N & I devoured it over the weekend. I even used a recipe from my Julia Child cookbook to make the ladyfingers from scratch! :) It was fantastic, and I can’t wait for another excuse to make this. It may become an annual bday tradition.

#60. Buy used furniture for the house
We have yet to buy a single piece of furniture or decor that wasn’t used for our new house. Aside from things like hinges, lightbulbs, cleaners, etc. of course. First ‘big’ purchase was our kitchen table and chairs last week.

#61. Shop at Just Local Foods
I had been there twice previously for bulk grains and beans and a few other items, but this past week I bought pasture-raised locally-grown beef. Beef in the grocery store has been incredibly expensive, and I noticed that the beef-to-fat ratios are becoming more and more lax. After seeing Food, Inc. and King Corn, I’ve decided that we really need to avoid feedlot beef as much as possible. We won’t be buying pasture-raised exclusively, as it is more expensive, but between buying more local and eating less red meat, it is a step in the right direction.

I had to show off take pictures of our kitchen with our new appliances. I’m planning to do “room by room” updates as we get settled.

View of the kitchen from the garage door. Our new stainless steel gas stove! Also love the Ikea pan rack and lid holder on the left.

View from standing in front of the stove. Eventually we want to get a stainless steel fridge with bottom freezer and french doors. *le sigh* So expensive! The doorway leads to N’s office and the bathroom to the left, and to a hallway and the upstairs to the right.

New stainless steel dishwasher next to the sink and the door to the garage and downstairs. I love the extra space in the upper cabinets, although I have to use a step-stool to get up there!

I love our kitchen window. It makes the small space feel brighter and bigger. Our kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in our new house!

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hallway inspiration

What can I say… I love Pottery Barn. It’s a major weakness.

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