The joys of homeownership…

I had a few posts and recipes brainstormed and ready to go/try last week, but then the joys of homeownership showed up- in my basement- to haunt me. I walked downstairs late evening one night last week, and stepped into 1-1/2 inches of water. Lovely.  After the initial bailing and cleaning, the water kept coming in… and it was evident that leaving the house or sleeping for more than an hour at a time was not an option. It was soon discovered that the our main water line was leaking, and the only immediate option was to turn off the water to the house.  Doh.

And then I drove 10 hours west to see my wonderful father- and sister-in-law, and to feed the National Guard unit that N belongs to. Great to see so many friends and we had a lovely time.

But… I still have no water. Which means no showering, watering the garden, washing said garden produce, or doing dishes. And the plumber’s initial estimate is Saturday at the earliest, with next Monday the more likely option.

Until then, it’s things that I can eat straight out of the fridge or warm up and eat. No boiling, mixing, baking, frying, or broiling anytime soon.   So I’ll see you… when I see you.

For now, here is a lovely strawberry that was waiting for me when I returned from my whirlwind roadtrip:

Sometimes the smallest things can be huge sources of cheering-up.

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