Popping my ‘beet’ cherry

The only beets I’d had in the past were those gelatinous, perfectly round wobbly red discs that come out of a can. I was little and had to try a bite during Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents’ before I could eat my cookie salad.  I can’t imagine that went over very well.

But beets are in season and plentiful at the farmer’s market, and I am not one to pass up a nutritious, cheap vegetable. Besides, I have very little adventure in my life, and I figured trying beets would shake up my routine. [man, I am LAME.]

I got home and gave the beets a rinse and started my quest for an easy, safe recipe that would introduce me to the basic essence of beets. I checked out Kate’s and Elise’s sites, and was really surprised to find out that Deb doesn’t like beets. The same lady who has a scarily-long yet impressive list of vegetable recipes?! I was starting to get scared off by beets.

In the end, I decided to simply roast them with some oil and kosher salt. 99% of the directions I found for roasting beets tells you to roast them whole, then peel them afterward, and in the process, stain your fingers dark pink. But a few random places suggested peeling the beets with a potato peeler, quartering them, wrapping them cozily in little foil packets with a teensy bit of oil, and roasting for 20-30 minutes, as opposed to 30-45 minutes for whole beets. Less stainage and less roasting time? Sounds like a winner.

And like a good girl, I washed and saved my beet greens instead of adding them to the compost pile– they will be a great addition to my green monsters this week. :)

The verdict: surprisingly good! They smell like a combination of roasted broccoli, corn, and carrots, and taste like it too… except with an almost potato-like consistency. Oh, and they look like they’re bleeding, which is slightly creepy. However, at $1 for a large bunch of beets, easy prep and cooking, and a handful of recipes I want to try, I will definitely be stocking up on these in the coming months.



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4 responses to “Popping my ‘beet’ cherry

  1. wildflowersandsage

    I often eat just beets for dinner. From a can, warmed in the micro. [Lame.] I will now attempt to be a grownup and get them from the farmer’s market and try them w/ evoo (yeah, thanks rachael ray) and salt. Nummers! :))

  2. brannyboilsover

    I love beats. I’ve added them to hummus and made veggie burgers out of them. Both are delicious! glad to see you are dabbling in them.

  3. Kelly- more power to you for liking the canned version… I have a snobby aversion to foods of certain textures or shapes, and “tin can” shape is one of my snobbiest!

    Branny- loved the story about the Omnivore and the “beet special” :) Your hummus recipe is on my list to try!

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