cute corners

My in-laws decided to visit us… with 5 days in advance, during a week I was 150 miles away. I love N’s parents, but of course, I want our house to be clean and tidy and look like a home. I don’t want them to bear witness to the layer of cat hair that accumulates on every carpet, the junk that gets piled in random corners, the stains on the carpet.

I had three places I wanted to decorate before they arrived, and I’m happy to report that even though I was traveling for work, I was able to make it work.

*I am not a photographer with a measly P&S (point and shoot). Don’t judge… I swear it’s all cuter in person!

The Hallway
We have a wider-than-normal hallway that attached our kitchen and living areas to the stairs. It generally is bare, but it used to be a gathering point for lots of stuff.



love these two little beauts.

On the way upstairs we pass some art…

The upstairs nook
Perfect storage place for dust, hangers, and the occasional hammer or book. Now, a focal point between the two bedrooms.

an antique-store globe; porcelain birds protect some favorite titles; more birds in front of a bridge.

The bare bedroom wall
I don’t like bare walls. I really wanted to put the letters above our bed, but the slanty ceilings in our upstairs make that difficult. The large bare  wall next to the bed was a perfect compromise.

ignore the shotgun- not part of the planned decor.


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