seven confessions

1. I like The Family Stone.  I really don’t like Rachel McAdams or Diane Keaton, but I like this movie. A lot. And I know a lot of people thought it was awful. Well, too bad…. I still like it.

2. I hate hate hate hotel placards that extoll their virtues of “conserving resources” and “protecting the environment.” Be honest- you really just want to save on your water bill, the cost of detergent, and the cost of employee time and energy by not having to wash every towel and every set of sheets everyday.

And yes, using linens and towels more than once certainly does benefit the environment. But what about the petroleum-based-plastic single-use cups and shampoo and conditioner bottles, the soap wrappers, the multiple garbage bags? What about the unused little bit of conditioner, lotion, soap, or shampoo left over? The crappy newspapers outside my door every morning- do those get recycled? Simply throwing all that stuff away is harmful for the environment and is completely wasteful. Why don’t they stop putting that stuff in every freakin room and explain to their guests that they’re simply helping the environment? [oh, wait- it wouldn’t save them money or be a good PR move. nevermind.]

3. Looking cute is not necessary. For my job, looking professional and dressing conservatively is, even if I wear a blazer that is 8 years old or my trousers aren’t tailored perfectly or I wear very few accessories. Sometimes I feel frumpy, but I would rather have 65-year-old bank presidents assume I’m closer to 30 than 21, that I’m more in tune with their balance sheet than with Cosmo.

4. I stereotype people who eat fast food as lazy. I don’t mean the people who have it occasionally, while traveling, or once a month as a “treat”. I mean the people who eat fast food for lunch or dinner more than two or three times a week, even though they go home every night and could easily bring lunch or make supper. (Frequent business/client meals or those who travel and don’t get to go home every night are excluded in my mind.)

5. I swear and drink too much, or at least more than my husband does [and I think he might judge me for it]. I wish he would just tell me instead of giving out subtle clues.

6. Sometimes on the road, I miss my cat more than my husband. Don’t get me wrong- I miss him too. But even when I’m home, he still gets home from work late, is tired and sweaty and smelly, and we usually have 1-2 hours together before bed. That’s it. My cat, on the other hand, follows me around in the morning and all evening, and even greets me at the door at the end of the work day. We chat, we cuddle, we nap. N and I still get to chat on the phone everynight that I’m out. We do cuddle, but he never naps with me.  Cat FTW.

7. I love my paychecks but hate the travel associated with my job. I’m not qualified to do anything I think I would like to, and I’m not even sure that I know what I want. That leaves me unsatisfied but scared to walk away. I don’t want to be mindlessly materialistic; I want to experience and feel fulfilled. I’m scared of more money; I’m scared of less money.


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