life, long overdue

Eeek. I’ve been meaning to update, composing posts in my head while I’m driving or doing the dishes. There’s much that’s been going on, but yet, so much of spinning wheels and staying in place.

Spring is here, and summer is close behind. I’ve got lettuce, garlic, and potatoes in the ground. Broccoli and carrots are going in this evening, and corn, tomatoes, beans, and peas are going to wait at least another week. At least the unseasonably warm weather has gotten me in gear for eating lots of fresh veggies. I’ve been gorging on asparagus, broccoli, and spinach from the organic section and the winter farmer’s market.

asparagus in a butter and white wine reduction

Speaking of farmer’s market, Saturdays in May start in 2 days! I’m so excited to get down to Phoenix Park while it’s still chilly and browse the tender baby veggies that have been coaxed along by sunny days and cool nights. 

N & I tore down our garage, pulled out the backyard clothesline and invasive lilac bushes, and started tearing up the concrete garage pad and driveway. Our summer reno project is to get this all torn up and hauled away, pour new driveway and a 28×32 garage pad, and build a new garage. My back just hurts thinking about all of it…

I was in D.C. for training last week and am heading to the middle of nowhere for 3 weeks. I hope to focus on my running and reading. Gardening will have to become a weekend warrior task…


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