2nd bedroom inspiration board

As much as I want to make this picture full-sized to share the glory of all the details, I realize that not everyone loves waiting for huge pictures to load. :)

This is what I currently want in our 2nd bedroom. Yes, there are pictures of baby things because eventually it will be used for baby — but not in the foreseeable future. I am not pregnant, nor planning to become pregnant.

That being said, it really is adorable, isn’t it?! I love the dreamy yellow, and with white it is so bright and light and cheery. Gray has always been one of my favorite colors, and even though it’s been popular recently, I still really like the yellow-n-gray combo. Too cliche? Not for me.

Note: I will probably change my mind and do a handful of these boards. I love coming up with a design picture in my head and trying to find the right pictures to make it come to life on a design board. I’m no designer, but this is actually fun and relaxing to me.

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