the shrillest highs and lowest lows

I am in the middle of so many projects, and it feels really great. I hated Dallas because I worked all day and had nothing to do all night. Coming home at first felt very much the same- work, TV, sleep, rinse and repeat.

But now that N has a job and is working like a CRAZY man… seriously, 12 or 13 hour days, anyone?!… I have a lot of time outside of the 8 or 9 hours at work daily.

So I got my basket spray painted and am letting it dry overnight before tackling the lining. I chose a grayish-taupe:

… which mostly looks white in this picture. I’ll be sure to get a good one of the finished project.

I also got some seeds started today. Yes, it’s early, but I figure that with global warming and the like, hopefully the ground will thaw and I can have these in the ground in 8 weeks?! :)

Not much to see yet! But I decided that the tomatoes can spend a little extra time inside without harm, and if need be, I will transplant into larger containers before they go out. Plus, I plan to keep the herbs- rosemary, basil, oregano, and lavender- as well as the lettuce in containers.

I also made a sourdough starter AND experimented with a version of Amish friendship bread, which will be in the next update. Add the cable neck-warmer I knit that’s being blocked and the feather-and-fan scarf I’m knitting, plus Sierra, and I am far from bored!

Gazing off into the distance. She’s a very deep thinker.

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