Birthday girl purchases

I found a bunch of little treasures at thift shops over the last week:

Found the cutest basket ($2.98) in the fugliest color- a dusty mauve. *gag* Plus the paint is chipping and cracked. I have aspirations to paint this a neutral color and line with this vintage-esque material ($0.99):

I was inspired by Kelly’s great find- a fabric-lined doctor’s bag to hold her knitting supplies. I had to get something for myself, and can’t wait to get this put together.

Next: three romantic framed prints:

I’m motivated to get our hallway somewhat decorated- right now, it’s purgatory for items that need to go upstairs or down into the basement. These prints match the look I posted about last week.

And finally: a not-so-exciting but totally necessary addition to our house– a kitchen table and chairs.

We’d had a stained, warped, plastic folding table and one lone office chair in here since December. I am so glad to have a place to eat supper, enjoy Saturday morning coffee, and update my blog. :) Right.

My final purchase and ultimate gift to myself was not a thrift store purchase, but is more exciting than all of the above:

That’s right– N and I got ourselves Droid smartphones this weekend. I am wary about having the internet easily accessible at all times, as I fear the digitization of society… but I do like the background pictures and the knitting apps so far. Plus having my music in the same device = win.

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