birthday girl stuff

What have I been doing this week, you might ask?! Birthday girl stuff, of course! :)

My birthday was yesterday, and I can honestly say that this felt like my first birthday as a grown-up. My husband went to work, I went to work, I ran errands and made supper and cleaned house, N came home and we got ready for tomorrow (today), and then went to bed. There were a few glasses of wine in there and some super nice birthday calls… along with 4 or 5 funfetti cupcakes… so it was good. :) However, no presents, no parties, no special birthday outfits or supper or trips. And that’s okay.

However, I have been haunting a few thrift and antique stores this week, and made quite a few sweet purchases. More updates with photos to come later.

Sierra is getting spayed today! :(  I know it’s better for her “quality of life,” so they say, but I still feel horrible. And she was so cuddly and playful this morning too!!! I was so tempted to call the hospital and cancel, just to sustain her innocence for a little longer, but alas… it would only be delaying the inevitable. I’m sure as soon as she went into heat and kept us up all night yowling, I’d be kicking myself for putting it off!

Isn’t she adorable?! She’s screaming with her eyes, “Petttt meeeee. Mmmm…. petttt meeeeee.” :)

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  1. I wanna see your purchases! Hope you had a great birthday sweet lady!

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