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House & 101 things update #2

#38. Make tiramisu from scratch
I made tiramisu on, of all days, my birthday. This is my absolute favorite dessert in the whole world and N & I devoured it over the weekend. I even used a recipe from my Julia Child cookbook to make the ladyfingers from scratch! :) It was fantastic, and I can’t wait for another excuse to make this. It may become an annual bday tradition.

#60. Buy used furniture for the house
We have yet to buy a single piece of furniture or decor that wasn’t used for our new house. Aside from things like hinges, lightbulbs, cleaners, etc. of course. First ‘big’ purchase was our kitchen table and chairs last week.

#61. Shop at Just Local Foods
I had been there twice previously for bulk grains and beans and a few other items, but this past week I bought pasture-raised locally-grown beef. Beef in the grocery store has been incredibly expensive, and I noticed that the beef-to-fat ratios are becoming more and more lax. After seeing Food, Inc. and King Corn, I’ve decided that we really need to avoid feedlot beef as much as possible. We won’t be buying pasture-raised exclusively, as it is more expensive, but between buying more local and eating less red meat, it is a step in the right direction.

I had to show off take pictures of our kitchen with our new appliances. I’m planning to do “room by room” updates as we get settled.

View of the kitchen from the garage door. Our new stainless steel gas stove! Also love the Ikea pan rack and lid holder on the left.

View from standing in front of the stove. Eventually we want to get a stainless steel fridge with bottom freezer and french doors. *le sigh* So expensive! The doorway leads to N’s office and the bathroom to the left, and to a hallway and the upstairs to the right.

New stainless steel dishwasher next to the sink and the door to the garage and downstairs. I love the extra space in the upper cabinets, although I have to use a step-stool to get up there!

I love our kitchen window. It makes the small space feel brighter and bigger. Our kitchen is one of my favorite rooms in our new house!

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Birthday girl purchases

I found a bunch of little treasures at thift shops over the last week:

Found the cutest basket ($2.98) in the fugliest color- a dusty mauve. *gag* Plus the paint is chipping and cracked. I have aspirations to paint this a neutral color and line with this vintage-esque material ($0.99):

I was inspired by Kelly’s great find- a fabric-lined doctor’s bag to hold her knitting supplies. I had to get something for myself, and can’t wait to get this put together.

Next: three romantic framed prints:

I’m motivated to get our hallway somewhat decorated- right now, it’s purgatory for items that need to go upstairs or down into the basement. These prints match the look I posted about last week.

And finally: a not-so-exciting but totally necessary addition to our house– a kitchen table and chairs.

We’d had a stained, warped, plastic folding table and one lone office chair in here since December. I am so glad to have a place to eat supper, enjoy Saturday morning coffee, and update my blog. :) Right.

My final purchase and ultimate gift to myself was not a thrift store purchase, but is more exciting than all of the above:

That’s right– N and I got ourselves Droid smartphones this weekend. I am wary about having the internet easily accessible at all times, as I fear the digitization of society… but I do like the background pictures and the knitting apps so far. Plus having my music in the same device = win.

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birthday girl stuff

What have I been doing this week, you might ask?! Birthday girl stuff, of course! :)

My birthday was yesterday, and I can honestly say that this felt like my first birthday as a grown-up. My husband went to work, I went to work, I ran errands and made supper and cleaned house, N came home and we got ready for tomorrow (today), and then went to bed. There were a few glasses of wine in there and some super nice birthday calls… along with 4 or 5 funfetti cupcakes… so it was good. :) However, no presents, no parties, no special birthday outfits or supper or trips. And that’s okay.

However, I have been haunting a few thrift and antique stores this week, and made quite a few sweet purchases. More updates with photos to come later.

Sierra is getting spayed today! :(  I know it’s better for her “quality of life,” so they say, but I still feel horrible. And she was so cuddly and playful this morning too!!! I was so tempted to call the hospital and cancel, just to sustain her innocence for a little longer, but alas… it would only be delaying the inevitable. I’m sure as soon as she went into heat and kept us up all night yowling, I’d be kicking myself for putting it off!

Isn’t she adorable?! She’s screaming with her eyes, “Petttt meeeee. Mmmm…. petttt meeeeee.” :)

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hallway inspiration

What can I say… I love Pottery Barn. It’s a major weakness.

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Better than an orange kitty…

A gorgeous white and gray tabby, 6-month-old little girl, adopted straight from a loving foster home… and now she’s in the McC family!

She’s lazy… she’s definitely one of us.

Meet Spider Cat McC, affectionately referred to as Sierra. [S.C. … Sierra Charlie in military-speak… & shortened to Sierra.] She loves to swat at crumpled paper balls, cuddle for approximately 3 seconds before leaping desperately out of your arms, wake you up by tap-dancing on your butt at 3am, and fart. She’s a smelly little girl.

I bet she’s also a wicked tether-ball player!

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Things I want

A vegetable and herb garden in my backyard

To knit a pretty lace scarf

To learn how to play sitar

An orange kitty

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