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101 in 1,001: New recipes from cookbooks

#34. Make at least 5 recipes from each new cookbook (1/25)

1. Betty Crocker Basics- Chicken and Spinach Stuffed Shells. (12-30-09)  Made this with 50 beef/50 turkey italian sausage instead of chicken. They were pretty good, but I think chicken would be really good, and using 50/50 cottage and ricotta cheese would be an improvement. Also, less spinach and more tomato sauce.

2. Betty Crocker Basics- Make-Ahead Lasagna (2-19-10)  I did not actually make this ahead of time! We had some leftover ricotta and spinach filling in the freezer, and I used that along with a good amount of cottage cheese for the filling. I also used prepared spaghetti sauce, as I’m avoiding eating canned tomatoes for BHP reasons. Overall, it was very good, and the leftovers are even better!

3. Betty Crocker Basics- Tiramisu

4. Betty Crocker Basics

5. Betty Crocker Basics

6. Baking with Julia Child- Lady fingers (genoise and cookies)

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