Dear 2010

A visual summary of 2009: marriage, house, career, and cute cardigans

Dear 2010,

Hi, this is Christine. I wanted to personally greet you since you are gonna be around for the next 365 days. Your counterpart, 2009, promised to be fantastic, and for the most part, it was. However, there is always room for improvement… which means that you, 2010, will be  better.

I know you’re new, but try not to feel overwhelmed. I thought I’d share some tips for you, just in case you need some advice.


1. Bring on the motivation, especially in the fitness arena. 2009 brought lots of new beginnings, which was followed by stress… and pounds. For the sake of my resting pulse and my collection of very cute, very professional, and currently very tight trousers, let’s try some cleaner eating, less drinking, and a little more movement.

2. Money needs to be saved, not spent. 2009 was a spend-heavy year and I think 2010 needs to be “A Year of Living Thriftily”. Plus, I honestly don’t need any more shoes, handbags, or cute framed things to hang on my walls. What do you think?

3. A kitty is a girl’s best friend. If a small orange or calico kitty would happen to light up my eyes, I’d definitely have to adopt it.

4. Find some friends. 2009 made me move across the country- well, to the other side of Minnesota, anyway- and there is just Nathan and Chrissy here to keep each other company. Now, I love my husband, but we’re due for some good old-fashioned socializing. I’ve got very little time for people who aren’t sincere and real, but even a couple nights of drinking and debauchery would be a welcome change. Think about it.

5. Maybe a new hobby could be found that doesn’t involve alcohol or food? The last 5+ years have been filled with studying and partying, and I no longer feel the need to do either. The kitty, exercise, and friends should be helpful in this department, but in case we’re a little slow-going there, we could always try something new. Knitting, for instance, or possibly a recreational team sport. Darts or pool? Shake it up, ’10- surprise me.


That’s about it. I plan on ringing in your arrival with the hubs, some great seafood, and a bottle of champagne. The perfect welcome wagon, don’t you think?

Best wishes, 2010.

I know you can do it.


(This may have been adapted from


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