101 Update #2 and Grandma Olson

Goals completed or progressed:

74. Clean out old cosmetics/products- completed 11-29-09 before moving

81. Read 10 new-to-me books off of the Modern Library Top 100 List (1/10)
            *The Sun Also Rises by Hemingway, completed 12-08-09

89. Visit Jordan in Chicago – completed 12-4 -09 thru 12-6-09

I’ve also got a care package ready to send out to a friend this afternoon (21), and have talked to my grampa on the phone a couple more times (16) since my last update.

Speaking of Grandpa, my Grandma Olson passed away last Thursday around 1:30pm. She had a really good day on Tuesday and visited all afternoon with my aunt Val and Grandpa. She was out of it and quiet on Wednesday, and fell into unconciousness on Thursday morning. I guess she pretty much fell asleep and her heart quit beating. She was 81 years old. She didn’t once complain about any pain from the tumor that pushed out her entire abdomen and was even starting to push out of her back under her rib cage.

The funeral was Tuesday morning, and there was a viewing on Monday night. I went to Chicago through Sunday afternoon, flew to MSP, then drove home for the night. Drove to Brookings on Monday, back to MSP on Tuesday afternoon through snow and rain, and finally landed safely in Dallas around 11:00- the flight was delayed over 2 hours due to snow and ice. YUCK.

Heading home this weekend to move all of the big furniture to the new house. I am excited but nervous. I hope we like it as much as we like our apartment!! Homeownership will hopefully include a lot of perks that outweigh the ‘costs’– lawncare, snow removal, updates and improvements, fixing problems, additional taxes…. ay carumba. Hopefully will be able to post pictures of the bedroom post-paint and decor soon!


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