Hello from cooking purgatory

… and balmy Dallas! I am living out of a hotel room by night and working in a cubicle on the 20th floor of a downtown building by day. I don’t think there is any place with 20 floors in Eau Claire.

I’m doing my best to stay eat clean, but my switch from a nicer hotel in a bad part of town to a mediocre hotel within walking distance of everything has set me back. The first place had two burners and a full-sized fridge, along with multiple pots, pans, utensils, and a microwave steamer. This place has a mini fridge, a microwave, two coffee mugs, and two sets of plastic utensils per day.

Channeling Bart Simpson: Ay carumba.

I’ve had oatmeal with berries, cinnamon, raisins, and agave nectar in the morning, with a snack of light yogurt (compliments of the breakfast buffet). Lunch is usually out and healthy-ish– yesterday was grilled chicken and spinach on whole wheat toast from a hole-in-the-wall deli; today was blackened tuna with roasted veggies and rice at an upscale pub.

Snacks in the afternoon/evening consist of greek yogurt, carrots and hummus, cottage cheese, and various fruit yanked from the breakfast buffet. Supper has consistently been lentils, carrots, and peapods microwaved in a coffee cup, livened up (only slightly) with a healthy pinch of punjab curry powder and a pepper packet. All of these goods were acquired from Central Market, near downtown Dallas and just a few stops up the area train. BTW, Central Market is completely FANTASTIC! What I wouldn’t give to have one close to me in Wisconsin…

But regarding posts with recipes and photos? There should be updates during Thanksgiving week and again around Christmas as well. However… there won’t be much until I’m back home for good in the middle of February. I don’t plan to stay at this hotel again, and will hopefully find a happier kitchen situation in a nearby place!

Until I have something blog-worthy… hasta luego, muchachos.


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